Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The House And It's Family

The Scandal is a working title for this game, but here is a section lifted from the concept document (found on the googlesite) to explain very basically what's going on.

The Scandal is an explorative narrative-driven interactive experience that unearths the far from glamorous life of Regency Britain. You play a wife of a successful public figure, but the relationship is stale, the children you bore are looked on as inferior and you yearn to break away from the social constraints of high aristocracy.

The Scandal doesn’t fall easily into a set genre; it is not technically a typical game as it has no profound mechanic or objective. It does however have a conclusion that you reach through play. The game play is passive, and very player art and character led, there are no enemies forcing you to make quick decisions under heavy gunfire. This game is intended to break many conventions of commercial games practice in order to create something that uses games in an engaging manner.

The game is set entirely indoors, in a large house. The game is being aimed in the direction of atmosphere and feeling, with reference to the artist Hammershoi, so things will look basic but on purpose. We have compiled a list of assets, characters and rooms that need designing or thinking through. I shall be posting development and finished designs as and when they have been completed or scanned.

The pillars and columns were all based off the same design in terms of pattern, but one set will be rounded and the other will be sqaured to go onto walls.



Here are some fireplace designs:

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mate, those orthos are perfect!