Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Door Frame

To keep the interior design consistant, I have based the door frames on the fire place design.

Monday, 28 December 2009


Completed banisters for the stairs and balcony areas.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The House And It's Family

The Scandal is a working title for this game, but here is a section lifted from the concept document (found on the googlesite) to explain very basically what's going on.

The Scandal is an explorative narrative-driven interactive experience that unearths the far from glamorous life of Regency Britain. You play a wife of a successful public figure, but the relationship is stale, the children you bore are looked on as inferior and you yearn to break away from the social constraints of high aristocracy.

The Scandal doesn’t fall easily into a set genre; it is not technically a typical game as it has no profound mechanic or objective. It does however have a conclusion that you reach through play. The game play is passive, and very player art and character led, there are no enemies forcing you to make quick decisions under heavy gunfire. This game is intended to break many conventions of commercial games practice in order to create something that uses games in an engaging manner.

The game is set entirely indoors, in a large house. The game is being aimed in the direction of atmosphere and feeling, with reference to the artist Hammershoi, so things will look basic but on purpose. We have compiled a list of assets, characters and rooms that need designing or thinking through. I shall be posting development and finished designs as and when they have been completed or scanned.

The pillars and columns were all based off the same design in terms of pattern, but one set will be rounded and the other will be sqaured to go onto walls.



Here are some fireplace designs:

Third Year And The World Of Tomorrow

This year, we have been set free from closed breifs and given an open one. We got to choose our groups, our ideas and the engine we would like to work in. Just make a game. Before breaking for summer, my group had formed with all of us working with at least one other member before, we have four members making us the biggy of the class.
Over the summer we set up a google site to help us network, bounce around ideas and show what we had done. It is purely a workplace up to the piont where it is not needed, then it will be tidied and polished. Here it is for those who want to see the working outs of the group, it is not by far the show reel of the group effort. (excuse the group name as well! working title)

It doesn't show it, but the initial ideas were quite different to where the project is now.
At the start, we decided that we wanted to use sound and colour in a very different way to most things and went with an investigative environment which is deep in darkness bar distant patches of light or colour. The environment would be reminiscent of a deep sea canyon, with darkness shattered by bioluminescent orbs that, when activated, shake them shelves from the ground and attached by ropes of light to the centre piont of the world float up into the sky.
There would be three or four different zones within this bigger area where something would be alterered, such as camera, gravity or sound; these would have been the more interactive areas.

Here are some of the creatures that created some of my ideas into the project:

There were further ideas of a distopian society controlled by medication, but the idea was dissmissed after being too much like equilibrium. The main productive riff from the initial idea was the a character's design. As a group we thought once the glowing floating orbs had all collected in the centre of the environment the player could use them to float up out of the world, but in order to do this, they would have had to find a lady in a jellyfish like bell dress, similar to those in the georgian era. The dress would have gone over the orbs, making a giant hot air ballon kind of event.
Anyway, this borught along the idea of making a game set in the georgian time frame. Our game as it stands.

Monday, 26 October 2009

It has been a while....

It has been a long time since I have uploaded and a whole project has slipped through the net and a new project has started to grow.

After the After Effects project, we were split into groups and set breifs. We set up a google site as a comminication platform as well as weekly group meetings. It was a very strong learning experience for me and the team as not only did we have forced teams, we also had to work with programmers from the programming course. luckily, the chemistry of the group saw that everyone got on and buckled down with the work.
Our group made a family racing puzzle game, where one player drove, whilst the others would complete puzzles on an overlay then had the choice to help or hinder the driver.

My part in the project was to design the prince for whom you are racing to crown, some royal advisors, various other assets, including a cow lion and the terraforming of the racecourse that was done directly into the torque engine. This included placing all of the assets once they had been collected.

here are some images from the project:

here are an assortment of in game footage from the development stage:

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

After effects

Here is a small group project we worked in a three for. It was a short project and is a mock teaser trailer for an imaginary wii game.

Washing women and the pantastic adventure

Another scene from our project envolved making four washer women by a river. I took the approach of making the women in multiple parts, so that they could be fully animated in five or six frames . The end result was successful and here is one of the frames. I was rather fond of the liquify tool on photoshop.

The grand finale of our project was a silent tracking shot out side of the dome followed by a pan up to look at the research area around the dome. The pan was made up of 60 frames that were taken from Maya, printed off, traced by hand, scanned in and then painted on Photoshop. This was a very repeatative process which cost a little bit of sanity. here is a rough video of the pan, before it was finished off and neatened up.

Here are just some shots from the outside world.

But wait, there's more...

One of the scenes we animated was a kitchen with a pot boiling over. Here are the maya to Photoshop pictures. The technique was primitive but worked well enough, I printed off a screen shot from Maya, traced it into a line drawing and then scanned it into Photoshop. This was also done for a rotascope that I shall show further on.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

long needed update

Hello all,
It's been a good five months since the last updates...
The project that we started over the summer has long been completed and marked.
here are some key pictures and descriptions of what happened. I shall talk to my work partner to see if he managed to get the finished flash file on the internet and post a link if he has.

The basic idea behind our concept came from a seed storage bunker somewhere cold....where they are gathering every seed on the Earth to store for future things.
Our concept is on a bigger scale. A long time before the flash is set, a civilization has set up a bio-dome to preserve and maintain a small village of primative people who live off the dome, un aware that they were being watched by a long gone race.

Here are the stages that the village took to be made. I was in charge of the 3D side of production. Although a 2D animation, we decided to make it accurate by modelling out the world in MAYA. The work here was modelled by me but the finished article was by Rhys Thomas, put in to show how it looked.